Tom Quinn Kumpf

As an award-winning photographer, writer, poet, and author, I have worked in just about every corner of the profession. For over fifty years, my main focus has been Photojournalism, Documentary, Stock, and Portrait photography, but always with an eye looking  for that fine-art image.

My work has appeared in publications, newspapers, magazines, and exhibitions throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the former Soviet Union. I am author of nine books, including Children of Belfast, Ireland: Standing Stones to Stormont, Two Sides: Haiku and Other Words, and most recently, Northern New Mexico Portraits. I have taught classes, seminars, workshops, and led photo tours in several parts of the U.S. and abroad and have attended and participated in numerous studio tours and festivals, including several group shows here in Taos.

There is nothing haphazard in what I photograph. I do what I do on purpose. For me, photography is more than a craft, a means of expression, and certainly more than just a hobby. It feeds me, provides balance, and takes up an essential part of every day of my life.

Tom Quinn Kumpf
Silver gelatin, giclee, encaustic prints available
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