Debbie Schulze

I fell into the quilting/fabric world quite by accident. In 2012, a friend shared with me that she was making a quilt.  I asked her, “What do you mean, making a quilt?” She took me to her house, and that….was that.  I’m so far down that rabbit hole, and I have no desire to get out of it.

My dear home economics teacher in 6th & 7th grade, Ruth Wild, taught me the basics of sewing. As an adult, that was applied only to shower curtains and costumes for Halloween and school plays. In 2012, I began the process of learning to quilt, primarily through YouTube videos.  I tried ‘quilting’ my own quilts, but I thought that was too hard. Another friend showed me her longarm quilting machine. Again – totally hooked, no looking back.  I’m on my third one.

I feel very blessed and grateful to love a hobby so much.  Although I started with quilts, I have slowly branched out to art quilts, collage quilts, applique, painted & dyed fabrics. I make for myself, for my family, and on commission. I make for love of making.