TAO Members Directory

Alex Chavez

I am a fine artist who explores themes of mortality through figure painting. My figures, painted in oil on canvas and wood, are an extension

Bill Baron

A Brief Bio of Bill Baron Bill was born in Chicago. He graduated the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, in the Industrial Design curriculum. While teaching

Bruce Katlin

Bruce Katlin Combines his love and passion for intense activity and various art mediums to make a living and live a life fulfilled. The great outdoors

Daniel A Brown

I was born in New York City in 1950. Growing up along “Museum Alley”, I began painting at the age of 15 after viewing Vincent

David Douglas

I have been taking photographs since 1967. With my camera, I circumnavigated the world, lived in Ethiopia where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Debbie Schulze

I fell into the quilting/fabric world quite by accident. In 2012, a friend shared with me that she was making a quilt.  I asked her,

Debrah Dubay

Debrah Dubay is an emerging Taos artist, returning to her fine arts roots. A published designer and master gardener, Dubay’s new works reflect a powerful

Don Wallis

With large square canvases for a sense of stillness and serenity I juxtapose images to explore motion or a simplified reality of iconic images using

Dorothy Romo-Manning

As an avid hiker and lover of nature I am constantly in awe and thoroughly amazed by the dynamic beauty and chaos of these beautiful

Erica Wendel-Oglesby

I am an artist drawn to all things Nature: plants, animals, landscapes and New Mexico weather.  This is especially evident in my mosaics and photography! 

Gail Russell

A painter and printmaker, she studied at Albright Knox School of Fine Art, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts.  In 1968, she received

Glory Penington

Through photography, I show you what I see, but with painting, I share with you what I feel. This story begins with photography: I began

Inger Jirby

Inger Jirby’s life has been as rich, dramatic and exotic as her art.  She was born in the far north of Sweden, above the Arctic

Jan Bachman

I have a love for the layers of landscape. I am excited to explore new places but those that are familiar elicit stronger feelings. I

Jeanine Borree

I am a lifelong student of art, changing my expression as I change personally and as I change location.  Raised in the free museums and

Krysteen Waszak

Waszak Studio NorthBy Appointment Only818L Paseo del Pueblo NorteTaos NM Waszak Studio SouthBy Appointment OnlyOld Town, Albuquerque, NM Phone: (505) 250-0455 Email: krysteen@krysteenwaszak.com Website: www.krysteenwaszak.com

Live Johnson

Born of Mexican parents in California, Olivia (Or ‘Live’, as she likes to be called) rejoices in her cultural heritage.  She has 5 siblings and

Lydia Johnston

My oil paintings are full of rich, vibrant colors. When you look at one of my paintings, I want you to sink into it and

Lynn FitzGerald

Lynn FitzGerald earned a BFA Degree in Ceramics at the Kansas City Art Institute – working with Ken Ferguson and an MFA Degree in Ceramics

Margaret Tange

Margaret Tange grew up surrounded by wildlife on the family cattle/wheat ranch in Northeastern Montana. Her life on the ranch included driving farm equipment and

Mark Asmus

My degree reads BS Metallurgical Engineering, the practical choice. I probably should have given the visual arts a try right from the git-go since I’ve

Marsha Fawns

Early on, I toddled to the empty field next door gathering weeds, stones and sticks, then spent hours creating mud-pie sculptures in my sandbox. Saturdays,

Nancy Kirk

Kirk encounters everything through her art. She has worked as a scenic painter for opera and ballet in Florence, Italy, illustrator, painter and interior muralist.

Nicki Marx

 I am a self-taught artist who has had over forty one-person and museum exhibitions. My work is in many important museum, private and public collections

Patricia Keeler

I am a fine artist who works in several mediums but predominately in pastel and silk painting. In my pastel paintings I primarily explore the

Ria Burnett

Nature, various geographies and cultivated landscapes engage my senses, my mind, my spirit.  These varied and accumulated encounters over a lifetime continue to transform me,

Sandy Chestnutt

Artist, graphic designer, and former computer graphics instructor (Adobe)–Sandy has contributed to the art industry coast to coast. Finding solace in nature during some difficult

Sarah Bush

Almost all my fine art work is an exploration of the tension between timelessness and impermanence, fragility and resilience, and the physical body and the

Scotty Mitchell

My art springs from my love of the natural world, looking with wonder at its rhythms and flow, shapes responding to one another, colors blaring one

Susanne Pinkham

I starting working with glass in the 1970’s. I made many stained glass windows and hanging pieces. In this time frame I graduated from UNM

Sweet, Marcie Brown

PAINTING  IS A PASSION, maybe an obsession…depending on the day!  What a lovely way to enjoy and reflect God’s BLESSING of Life!  That’s what I

Tawni Shuler

Ecotone: the place where forest meets meadow, desert touches river.  It’s the frontier where communities of humankind and wild animals touch each other.  It’s that

Tom Quinn Kumpf

As an award-winning photographer, writer, poet, and author, I have worked in just about every corner of the profession. For over fifty years, my main