Sandy Chestnutt

Artist, graphic designer, and former computer graphics instructor (Adobe)–Sandy has contributed to the art industry coast to coast. Finding solace in nature during some difficult times, she emerged an award-winning artist with her wildlife and landscape paintings, recognized for her detail and whimsical long brush strokes.

“Expressing my honor for my Hopi roots and our Earth Mother is my heart speak. When painting, I express what has purpose in my life and interpret it artistically.” Being passed the medicine to walk the shamanic path nearly twenty years ago, in addition to being a Minister of Walking Prayer, Sandy is drawn to painting scenes of nature and animals. “I connect spiritually to nature as a result of the shamanic healing work I do. Our relationship with the Animal People is sacred. We are their guardians, as they are ours.”

Sandy paints digitally using the computer as her medium. “I love the infinite experimentation I can do on the computer. If I don’t like something, I can easily go back a few steps and try something else!”

Everything is done using a digital brush with no special effects or automated features. “Back in the day, I painted with acrylics mostly, but once I started using Photoshop, well, the digital experience was addictive.” She still marks up her layouts with pencil and paper, but once the idea is comped out, she moves from the drawing table to the computer for completion.

Living in the Taos area since 2008, she has participated in: The Artist Open—Fall Art Festivals, The Artist Selects—Fall Art Festival, and Taos Artists Organization Studio Tours. She was also represented at Paint Horse Gallery in Breckenridge CO until it closed in 2010.

Prior to moving to NM, she became established as an award-winning artist during consecutive annual Artists Helping Artists exhibitions in the Los Angeles area,

Sandy Chestnutt
Wildlife and Landscape Painter

with inclusion in other juried venues at The Brewery Artist’s Colony, Pharmaka Art Gallery, and Lankershim Art Gallery, all in Los Angeles as well.

Sandy’s Earth Walk is surrounded by the Blessing Way of living life at its fullest with her loving horses and dogs, and supportive humans. “My spirit came home when I moved to Taos.”

She has original art for sale as well as prints.

“May the blessings pour out upon each and every one of you in all that you do.
Techqua Ikachi (Blend with the land and celebrate life.)