Lynda Jasper-Vogel

Lynda Jasper-Vogel (b. 1942 Monterey, CA) received a Fine Arts degree and teaching credential from San Francisco State University. After a brief teaching career, she moved to New Mexico and began a long career as an independent artist. The consummate Renaissance woman, Lynda, has run a successful leather shop, created hand-painted wallpaper, worked in silversmithing, set design for Community Theater, and worked as a carpenter and prop-maker at the Santa Fe Opera.

In 1979 she returned to northern California and started her own business, where she employed fourteen artists/collaborators in a shop where mythological and historical character creations were made. Greatly influenced by the skills and friends acquired in New Mexico, this early experience continues to show in her artistic endeavors.

The found-object assemblage work of Jasper-Vogel is rooted in myriad traditions, both cultural and artistic. Finely skilled in a variety of mediums, Jasper- Vogel pulls from her background in both the fine arts and production theater to create elaborate sculptures that reference widely different aesthetic styles: renaissance alter pieces, traditional folk art, Day of the Dead, costume design, steampunk, and motion picture props to name a few. The lovingly crafted characters each hold their own mythological significance to reflect the process of their making and the physical and spiritual world in which they exist. Each work in Jasper-Vogel’s oeuvre has within it the cathectic energy of a maker/collector who meticulously works each and every aspect of the artwork. Found detritus, metal and textile scraps, and hand-cast and painted figurines become the characters of cultural and personal legend. Developed over weeks, months, or even years, if one counts the time spent collecting materials, each work invites a viewer to fall in and discover a richness of visual texture, hidden delight in material alchemy, and the hand of a technically advanced craftswoman. 

Lynda returned to NM in 2004, leaving behind the confines of California life. Like most artists who move to Taos, she counts the experience of living here as full of unbridled inspiration in all walks of life and art.  Lynda has been a five-time award winner at the Fall Arts exhibition and Best of Show at Arte de Descartes. She is a founding member of the Taos Artists Organization and has been a long-time participant of the Taos Studio Tour. She loves the challenges and different experiences across the years that have helped to make it a successful event. Lynda loves discussing her process and sharing the varied and unusual artworks she creates in her home studio in the Vista Linda neighborhood of Ranchos de Taos.