John Staple

Education = Mill’s College Children’s School in East Oakland, CA – 1951-1953

      *most of the rest is fairly superficial except for the 3 Mystery Schools I later attended.

Occupation =questing-seeker

Day job = potter for over 40 years

                *secondary artistic manifestations: photomontages & memoir writing

Supplemental work quotients = janitor, farm-worker, Tribal Art Dealer of Iban Ritual Textiles collected on the island of Borneo

Psychic Impacts: loving childhood home/generous of spirit parents; loving bond for nature; civil rights/ anti-war/ back-to-the-land (Hippie) movements; marriages/divorces; art training; Men’s

Conferences; world travels, & much more, i.e., PhD in dumpster diving, numerous failures w/their consequential learning trials, as well as an over-arching optimistic attitude for most humans.

Underlying Purpose; to inspire others to ‘Follow Their Soul’s calling’

Favorite pastime: ‘public-orgasmic’ dancing

Greatest Accomplishment: parenting

Civic Engagement: 2 year stint on Chico Art Center’s Board of Directors in N. California,

Co-founder of TAO (Taos Artist Organization),

Rural School Board member for 2 years in Manton, CA

Notable Exterior Recognition: awarded a week in Japan in conjunction with an International ceramic design competition

#1. Shuddering Impact: in the summer of 1964 I traveled the world – from NYC to Honolulu – with a group of 84 other 16 year old high school students & six adults

Greatest Lesson: cancer & its successful recovery from.

Spiritual Home: Taos, NM