Marsha Fawns

Early on, I toddled to the empty field next door gathering weeds, stones and sticks, then spent hours creating mud-pie sculptures in my sandbox. Saturdays, I took courses at the Art Museum in Rochester, New York. Art awards were gained for store windows painted, posters created. While earning my BA in Education at Ohio Wesleyan University I continued taking art courses. Art projects were a strong part of my curriculum during my 30-year teaching career, working with learning disabled and gifted children.

I continued taking numerous courses in painting and sculpture at colleges in Dallas, Texas, including Southern Methodist University. I studied portrait sculpture with Tuck Langland.

I participated in juried shows, winning awards.

Since moving to New Mexico nineteen years ago, I have continued taking course work in stone carving, portrait sculpture and a variety of courses involving clay work.

My purchased and commissioned sculptures are owned by collectors in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, Florida, New Mexico etc., and as far away as Australia.

My work explores the many ways we are interconnected to ancestors, archetypes, and mythology; to the environment and fellow life forms and to each other.

For me, sculpture is beyond words, beyond place and time. I survive and savor life experiences through my work. The creations are expressions of my deepening understanding. I reach out through my work as a means of honoring spiritual interconnections.

While I still draw and paint on paper and canvas. I paint mostly on the surfaces of sculptures,
using a variety of media. I work mainly in clay, stone and lost-wax bronze.


I do not mass-produce. Each piece is unique, whether created in clay, stone or bronze. However, someone may truly desire a piece that has already sold. I will not replicate exactly, but through agreed upon sketches, create a similar piece.

Marsha Fawns, Sculptor