Lydia Johnston

My oil paintings are full of rich, vibrant colors. When you look at one of my paintings, I want you to sink into it and be transported. My art has been exhibited throughout the country and hangs in many private collections.

My work is chiefly abstract. I create depth and a sense of light; I want the sense of a place without spelling it out, drawing you back continually to find something new. This way you can connect to the work and find your own place, your own story, grounded in your memories. I want my paintings to have mystery, to allude to the familiar while remaining ambiguous. By hinting at things, I hope to trigger your imagination, allowing you to connect in a profound way.

In my studio, I apply multiple layers of oil paint, using both transparent and opaque colors, to achieve a richness and depth. In addition to brushes, I work with wide color shapers, silicone tools similar to palette knives, that give my work its distinctive look.

I am a self-taught artist which gives me the freedom to follow my intuition. My work comes from deep within me, tapping into my past experiences and the places I have lived. Color is my passion. I am always experimenting and evolving. 

My inspiration comes from the natural beauty around me. I love the nuanced gradations of color found in nature; the yellows and oranges of lichens high up in the mountains, the profusion of color found in flowers, the intense displays at sunset and sunrise. Nature’s colors and patterns are my main source of inspiration.

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Lydia Johnston’s abstractions (pdf)