Jessie Hughes

Jessie grew up deep in the mountains of Colorado and now lives in Taos, New Mexico with her husband and two children. She has done midwife for 20 years and traveled extensively overseas doing humanitarian work. Jessie found painting as a vital part of her personal transformation and healing journey.

When asked why she paints she often replies, “ Why do you breathe? I paint for the same reason. It is the gift that God gave me to draw in nutrients, to grow, heal, and move. It is a way to process and transform. To make sense of the terrible and tragic that is so often intertwined with the beautiful and delightful. A way to let go of things that no longer serve me and a way to translate and a Metamorphosis.“

Through the grace of her connection with the natural world, the living things she paints give her inspiration and insights that are woven into her pictures. Deeply symbolic, her paintings express bravery, patience, tenderness, joy, resilience, strength, and ultimately, transformation and love. The stories reveal the hidden nature of things and the support inherent from God the Creator and the animal and plant medicine all around us.

For Jessie, painting is a daily practice that helps her to see things from a higher perspective, open her heart, reinforce her faith, harmonize with nature’s cycles, and find balance within herself, her family and community life.

Jessie is supported by her family, extended family and community who all thrive together by cultivating a rich culture of artistic expression as a way to understand oneself, connect deeply with God and with each other.