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Jessie Hughes

Jessie grew up deep in the mountains of Colorado and now lives in Taos, New Mexico with her husband and two children. She has done midwife for 20 years and traveled extensively overseas doing humanitarian work. Jessie found painting as a vital part of her personal transformation and healing journey. When asked why she paints […]

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John Staple

Education = Mill’s College Children’s School in East Oakland, CA – 1951-1953       *most of the rest is fairly superficial except for the 3 Mystery Schools I later attended. Occupation =questing-seeker Day job = potter for over 40 years                 *secondary artistic manifestations: photomontages & memoir writing Supplemental work quotients = janitor, farm-worker, Tribal Art

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Sandy Chestnutt

Artist, graphic designer, and former computer graphics instructor (Adobe)–Sandy has contributed to the art industry coast to coast. Finding solace in nature during some difficult times, she emerged an award-winning artist with her wildlife and landscape paintings, recognized for her detail and whimsical long brush strokes. “Expressing my honor for my Hopi roots and our

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Don Wallis

Born on a farm in northwest Tennessee: I grew up in Oklahoma and in high school I sculpted and worked and worked in the arts. In my 30’s I began a career in sales and marketing in the high technology industry. In 2014, my wife and I retired from southern California to Ranchos de Taos,

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Ria Burnett

Nature, various geographies and cultivated landscapes engage my senses, my mind, my spirit.  These varied and accumulated encounters over a lifetime continue to transform me, describing journey, creating narrative. In my visual reflections, I enjoy the juxtaposition of varying scales, often considering the grand and the minute simultaneously.  Likewise, naming the moment calls to mind

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Daniel A Brown

I was born in New York City in 1950. Growing up along “Museum Alley”, I began painting at the age of 15 after viewing Vincent Van Gogh’s ethereal “Starry Night.” I continued to do so throughout high school and college at which point I discovered photography and writing. My photojournalistic articles have been published in

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Tom Quinn Kumpf

As an award-winning photographer, writer, poet, and author, I have worked in just about every corner of the profession. For over fifty years, my main focus has been Photojournalism, Documentary, Stock, and Portrait photography, but always with an eye looking  for that fine-art image. My work has appeared in publications, newspapers, magazines, and exhibitions throughout

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Debrah Dubay

Debrah Dubay is an emerging Taos artist, returning to her fine arts roots. A published designer and master gardener, Dubay’s new works reflect a powerful marriage of botanical abstractions and macro imagery, pushing the boundaries of color and form in painting, photography, and drawing. 818K Paseo del Pueblo NorteTaos, NM 87571 Email: d.r.dubay@outlook.com

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Nancy Kirk

Kirk encounters everything through her art. She has worked as a scenic painter for opera and ballet in Florence, Italy, illustrator, painter and interior muralist. She has assisted art conservators in the restoration of historic Broadway theaters and was commissioned to add extensive original figurative work to the Golden Theater on 45th St. in New

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Gail Russell

A painter and printmaker, she studied at Albright Knox School of Fine Art, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts.  In 1968, she received her first camera and has never put it down. She studied independently with photo surrealist Jerry Uelsmann and was the first artist in residence at Apeiron Photographic Workshop, Millerton, NY

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Jan Bachman

I have a love for the layers of landscape. I am excited to explore new places but those that are familiar elicit stronger feelings. I like to paint where I’ve been. Since 1998, I have promoted the work of several artists in galleries and other venues and have published a number of books as Devenish

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Live Johnson

Born of Mexican parents in California, Olivia (Or ‘Live’, as she likes to be called) rejoices in her cultural heritage.  She has 5 siblings and her mother, who at 90 years old still enjoys being the matriarch!  As a youngster, her family took many vacations to Tlaquepaque, Mexico where her father was born.  The colorful

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Marsha Fawns

Early on, I toddled to the empty field next door gathering weeds, stones and sticks, then spent hours creating mud-pie sculptures in my sandbox. Saturdays, I took courses at the Art Museum in Rochester, New York. Art awards were gained for store windows painted, posters created. While earning my BA in Education at Ohio Wesleyan

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Margaret Tange

Margaret Tange grew up surrounded by wildlife on the family cattle/wheat ranch in Northeastern Montana. Her life on the ranch included driving farm equipment and riding horses in the coulees. Always in close contact with nature, she began drawing at a young age, encouraged by her mother who was an accomplished landscape artist. She received

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Mark Asmus

My degree reads BS Metallurgical Engineering, the practical choice. I probably should have given the visual arts a try right from the git-go since I’ve been a doodler all my life – finger paints, crayons, pencil, etc. In any case, I worked in the steel industry for thirty-six years, retiring in 2001. In preparation for

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Krysteen Waszak

Waszak Studio NorthBy Appointment Only818L Paseo del Pueblo NorteTaos NM Waszak Studio SouthBy Appointment OnlyOld Town, Albuquerque, NM Phone: (505) 250-0455 Email: krysteen@krysteenwaszak.com Website: www.krysteenwaszak.com Krysteen Waszak is a dedicated plein air painter. Her oils are exuberant, full of vibrant, lively color, energy and a touch of whimsy. A unique process where she builds layers,

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