1. Don Wallis Oil Paintings 5 Vista Del Ocaso Rd,
    Ranchos de Taos 951-334-4433 donwallis1@hotmail.com www.donwallis.com
  2. Lynda Jasper-Vogel Acrylic Painting, Sculpture 68 Vista Linda Dr, Ranchos de Taos 575-770-7727 lyndamayja@gmail.com
  3. Monte McBride Art Mixed Media, Fiberart 68 Vista Linda Dr. Ranchos de Taos 575-741-0564 mcbridem628@gmail.com
  4. Jeanine Borree Oil on Canvas/Wood 95 W. Romero, Ranchos de Taos 425-345-6769 jborree@camano.net www.jborree.studio
  5. Margaret Tange Acrylic Paintings, Sculpture 34 Ortiz Rd, Ranchos de Taos 575-770-2832
  6. Ted Medina La Posta Vieja Natural Wood Boxes and Carvings 93 El Tros Rd, Ranchos de Taos 575-770-6286 eltrosted@yahoo.com
  7. Uma Joy
    Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media 94 El Tros Rd, Ranchos de Taos 208-315-3777 umajoyhealingart@gmail.com www.umajoyhealingart.com
  8. Alex Chavez Oil Painting on Canvas & Wood 176 Maestas Rd, Ranchos de Taos 575-779-7247 alexcchavez@gmail.com www.alexchavez.art
  9. Lynn FitzGerald Lynco Design Pottery 8 Nickell Rd., Ranchos de Taos 575-758-1850 lyfitz7@gmail.com www.lyncodesignpottery.com
  10. Bruce Katlin Creates Landscape & Abstract Oil paintings and prints 156 Maestas Rd.,
    Ranchos de Taos 575-224-2135 or 773-456-3871 bruce@brucekatlincreates.com www.brucekatlincreates.com
  11. Robert Perez, Jr.
    Oil on Canvas 1210 Salazar Rd, Unit 1, Taos 575-779-2671 robertperezjrartist@gmail.com www.studiozoftaos.com
  12. David Blackwell Pottery 1100 Hennings St, Taos 360-936-9738 opiewash@gmail.com
  13. Steve Lennert Quilting, Weaving, Yarn Spinning, Yarn Dying 1100 Hennings St, Taos 503-631-2347 oneworldfabrics@yahoo.com
  14. Creations by Elizabeth Elizabeth Hicks Paper, Clay, and Recycled Items 1505 Foothills Trail, Taos 505-506-4204 beth@ejhicks.com www.ejhicks.com
  15. Erica Wendel-Oglesby Adorn Your Life 2 Mosaic, Jewelry, Photography 500 Cruz Alta Rd, Casita #2, Taos 505-264-9022 erica8@q.com https://adorn-your-life-2.square.site/
  16. Lydia Johnston Oil and Oil & Cold Wax Paintings 500 Cruz Alta Rd., Casita #2, Taos 575-776-7989 art@lydiajohnston.com www.lydiajohnston.com
  17. Dorothy Romo-Manning Acrylic Paintings, Sculpture 211 Cruz Alta Rd., Taos 505-231-2009 dorothyelaineromo1@gmail.com www.arisenfromtheforestfloor.com
  18. Dianne Rawls Davis Studio One • Ten Oils, Acrylic Paintings, Fiber Arts 110 Cruz Alta Rd., #C, Taos 817-247-3800 merry_heart2@yahoo.com
  19. Jan Bachman Studio Water Based Oil Paintings 125 La Posta Rd. #3, Taos 303-817-0799 janbachmanstudio@gmail.com www.janbachmanstudio.com
  20. Tom Quinn Kumpf Photography 125 La Posta Rd. #2, Taos 303-859-5347 tkumpf1@mac.com www.tomquinnkumpf.com
  21. Taos Valley Lodge and Espresso Bar
    TAO Preview Show and Gallery
    615 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos
  22. Anita Briscoe Polymer Clay Jewelry 110 Los Pandos Lane, Taos 575-779-3898 abriscoe.7911@gmail.com
  23. David Douglas Fine Art B&W Photography Donabe Gallery & Grill 133 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos 505-263-4011 david@shutteringexperiences.com www.shutteringexperiences.com
  24. Ricky Pass Mixed Media 107-D Plaza Garcia, Taos, NM 575-741-6050 rickypass1@gmail.com www.rickypassartstudio.com
  25. Susan Gancher Jewelry Fine Art Jeweler in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold 511 Calle Unida, Taos 772-480-1418 sgancher@gmail.com www.facebook.com/susangancherjewelry
  26. D. Dubay Designs Oil, Photography/Digital 818 K Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos 512 627-3782 drdubayart@gmail.com www.debrahdubay.com
  27. Krysteen Waszak Plein Air Oils on Canvas 818 L Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos 505-250-0455 krysteen@krysteenwaszak.com www.krysteenwaszak.com
  28. Studio Zanne Painting and Photography 1107-A Don Juan Valdez Ln, El Prado Located behind Orlando’s on Right 512-788-2303 art@studiozanne.com www.studiozanne.com
  29. Nancy Kirk Oil, Acrylic, Casein, Watercolor 1242 Half Moon Rd, El Prado 516-532-4368 mountainsong0@gmail.com www.nancykirk.com
  30. Susanne Pinkham Glass, Canvas 1354 Half Moon Rd., El Prado 575-770-1280 spinkham4@msn.com www.susannepinkham.com
  31. Nancy Grabowski Acrylic, Graphite, Charcoal, Photography 463 Hondo Seco Rd, #3 Mas Perros 575-776-8258 zunibear61@hotmail.com www. nancygrabowski.com
  32. Sylvia Luftig Ceramic Sculpture 169 El Salto Rd., Arroyo Seco 415-663-8744 sylvialuftig@gmail.com www.sylvialuftig.com
  33. Gail Russell Photo Artist Photography 65 Hwy. 522, Ste. 4 A, El Prado 575-770-1507 mtnlight@taosnet.com www.gailrussellphotoartist.com
  34. Glory Penington Oil Painting, Photography 162 Camino Ovejeros Rd.,
    El Prado 575-779-5415 photosbyglory@yahoo.com www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/photosbyglory
  35. John Staple Pottery and Photomontage 175 Mesa Sea Rd., Arroyo Hondo 575-779-0624 johnstapleart@gmail.com
Team Leads
  • Tour Point Person: 
    Erica Wendel-Oglesby
  • Brochure and Map Design and Proofing: David Douglas and Lydia Johnston
  • Advertising: 
    Dorothy Romo-Manning
  • Sponsorship: 
    Lynn FitzGerald
  • Preview Show/Gallery/Party: Susan Gancher
  • Application and Check Processing: 
    Debbie Schulze (Treasurer)
  • Promotions: Nancy Kirk 
  • IT: Jake via David Douglas
  • Brochure Distribution: 
    Debrah Dubay
  • Flag and Sign Distribution/Return: 
    Steve Lennert and David Blackwell